Thursday, October 20, 2011


After the storm comes a bright new day so they say; so I was headed to a least known hideaway in the northeastern coastal board of Cagayan where the ferocious typhoon Mina reportedly unleashed its signal number 4 fury.
Sunset in Sta. Ana, a source of inspiration for the poetic heart in the nostalgic town.
There was no Media coverage attributed to the Sta. Ana, home of the awesome Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA), a chartered jurisdiction in Region 2 not within the power and control of the local government.This quiet fishing town some 120 kilometers northeast of Tuguegarao city has figured the headlines for the landfall of the signal number 4 strength super typhoon Mina, the second since typhoon Juan that ravaged the adjacent Isabela province and wrought over one billion pesos damages to crops and infrastructures.
A lovely pair of horse grazing in the sunny morning near Port San Vicente against the backdrop of a mangrove forest where trees grow in the sea

My way to this serene coastal town known for the free port of Irene and Port San Vicente did not much professed the passing of a violent onslaught.
_________ fishermen back to their trade on the fair and calm morning. At the distant view is the storm damaged MV Eagle Ferry which use to bring commuters to Calayan island also in the province of Cagayan.
Few trees and post leaned along the highway but the impression of the place being the eye of The furious typhoon Mina is not distinct. Vice Mayor Jeremias Costales said although public infrastructures and homes did not incur much damages Typhoon Mina has wrought extensive devastation in his town's palay crops citing some P9 million damage report by the Municipal Agricultural office. "The palay crops were in their vegetative stage during the typhoon onslaught and farmers in this town need assistance from the provincial government to subsidize their replanting efforts," lamented Costales.
The distant view of the CEZA teeming with Business and Pleasure activities. Casinos here are exclusive to foreigners. Flocking to this place are mostly businessmen from Korea, Taiwan and Japan. To qualify entry, A Casino Player should keep at least $300 million in the bank and $30 million pocket money before being allowed to gamble.

Fresh catch from the sea unloaded at Port San Vicente "Bagsakan" where one could buy seafood that its fit for the budget __________
The Vice Mayor is seeking Cagayan Governor Alvaro Antonio to reconsider an earlier decision not to declare the province under "State of Calamity."
The Governor earlier said the province did not suffered much from the onslaught of the typhoon to warrant the declaration of state of calamity since the provincial fund is enough to address any reported damage.
A wife giving verbal "instructions" to her husband before venturing into the sea with fellow fishermen.
However this mid October, Governor Antonio’s stance manifested a complete turnaround. He had to declare a State of Calamity this time in view of the recent twin calamities wrought by typhoons Quiel and Pedring. If Antonio still refuses to declare his turf under state of calamity; Cagayan’s untouched calamity fund goes back to Government coffers.
My bed in the cozy accomodation at Countryside by the Sea Inn, Sta. Ana, Cagayan
__________ Sta. Ana seems to be unfazed with the developments taking place elsewhere, lifestyle remain rural and the its populace still cling to traditional values despite the sprouting signs of economic expansion only addressed to a privileged few.

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