Thursday, March 24, 2011


Barangay Chairman Erenio Bobola however said the company is religiously complying with the community development aspect of its commitment in order to cope with the fast phase development of his village.
The handful huts seen in the terrain of the village three years ago has grown into several communities of newly constructed dwellings sporting gleaming galvanized roofs. Bobola said the company has been subsidizing the elementary and secondary school maintenance, salaries of teachers and day-care programs in his turf. Over the weekend; the company has turned over computer sets and other instructional materials to the local school he added.

The overview of the fast developing village of Didipio once a realm of a handfull of native huts.

The entry of electricity, water impounding systems drawing source from several mountain springs have significantly improved the lifestyfle of this dominantly ethnic Ifugao village. Farmer Luis Buyayo in his senior years said he got a text message from the company informing him of the award of farm implements to the farming community consisting of multi-purpose engines, knapsack sprayers, fertilizers and “Lakatan” variety banana plants. The company is assisting the local banana plantation venture.
Instead of gongs and the tribal Tadek performed by the natives as welcome and gratitude during special occasions; high school girls who view latest dance craze via satellite cable television performed a “Pussycat Dolls” number as the community's way of saying “thank you” during the turnover of program over the week.

Native Ifugao Native Children

Children play at the backdrop of the mountain of gold.

A mini waterfalls, one of the breathtaking roadside attractions going to Didipio; a sitio called "waterfalls"

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