Tuesday, March 29, 2011


JONES, Isabela- For this quiet town of almost 50,000 population; the event of the execution of Kababayan Sally Ordinario-Villanueva 33 is an ordinary day like any other. This 2nd class municipality is her birthplace.
In the doomed Filipina's family home in the remote barangay Tupax; the latter's children ages 12 and 10 were secretly moved to an undisclosed place in the adjacent Quirino province.

The weeping Virgin of La Salette of Jones Parish in Jones, Isabela

“We want to spare the children from being interviewed by the media,” says a relative Edith Bueno. She added that the Villanueva children have already undergone traumatic experiences,”they hide whenever they hear vehicles parking nearby” Bueno complained.
Princess Joy who will graduate salututorian this April 6 here earlier said she is dedicating her graduation from elementary to her mother. She hopes to be a lawyer someday.

The quiet landscape of Jones Parish, mute witness to Sally's fate

Mayor Florante Raspado sent representatives of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office supposedly to mitigate the sufferings of the Villanueva siblings. The children's father- Hilarion who works as a driver for a bus plying the Isabela-Cagayan route is said to have secluded himself in Santiago city.

The landmark of heroes, dedicated to the forefather's who waged blood and sweat for Liberty

In a media interview; Bueno said their family could not blame Hilarion for refusing to go with his in-laws to China to bid goodbye to his wife during the execution. “Alam namin na masakit para kay Hilarion ang sumama pa sa China at pagkatapos ay yaong pagbitay lang ng asawa ang kanyang mangyayari,” Bueno laments. She said Hilarion has always been drinking and crying as he repeatedly murmurs his wife's innocence.

Centuries old tress, adorn the serene landscape of this quiet town

Whatever happens, Hilarion's decision still follows pertaining to the wake and funeral arrangement of his wife; Bueno said.
“Wala na kaming magagawa kundi ipasa-Diyos at tanggapin na ang lahat, subalit darating ang panahon na lalabas din ang katotohanan,” She added.

The working hours of the Local Government commence with the usual daily “dancercsise” along the corridors at the Jones Municipal Hall. However, Conchita Sanchez who is private secretary of Mayor Raspado said the whole employees of the local government are very sad to hear of Villanueva's execution.

Parish Priest Arnold Sadya-as offered mass for Villanueva and her fellow condemned “kababayans”in the afternoon at the Holy Rosary parish here according to lay workers.

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  1. The hideous chemicals used to kill the beloved Filipinos should be destroyed in a strong fire so they will not harm anyone else.They serve no other use than to kill.