Sunday, April 10, 2011


Sally Ordinario Villanueva's loved ones have already exhausted their sorrow in their sojourn to China and during the arrival of her remains in Metro Manila. In her homecoming to her conjugal home, her widower Hilarion and children Princess Joy 12, Lexbert 10 and all other relatives have no more tears to shed.

Hilarion trying to shed tears upon sight of his wife's coffin brought out from the truck

It is only Hilarion who appeared breaking down upon seeing the truck bearing his wife's remains being brought out. His two children remain unshaken.

Sally's casket carried by Barangay Tanods

Sally's family vows to pin down her alleged recruiter and the West African Drug Syndicate which they blame had ushered her to the lethal injection chamber in China early this month.

Sally Ordinario-Villanueva: Death by Lethal Injection
Sally's father Peter Ordinario said he would immediately usher the prosecution of alleged recruiter – Tita Cacayan a townmate in Barangay Rizal, Alicia, Isabela. The National Bureau of Investigation however is yet to build a case against the latter whom they charged for “Large Scale Recruitment” despite the Ordinario-Villanuevas were the only complainants.

Neighbors' grief, conveyed in Manila Paper

The elder Ordinario said the family is gathering information of the west African Drug syndicate and would press charges soon after Sally interment which is yet to be announced.

A feast day for Mediamen all over Sally's house for her homecoming coverage

The Ordinarios disclosed that Sally's remains will stay for a two-days wake in the latter's conjugal residence in the Habitat Housing Subdivision in Barangay Gumbaoan, Echague, Isabela afterwhich the remains will be brought to her husband's hometown in the remote Barangay Tupax, Jones.

Sally's relatives prepare food for Policemen and Barangay Tanods who provided security during Sally's wake

The Local Government have arranged a toilsome security and traffic rerouting in Echague at the expense of the local police, getting negative response from some “kababayans” who questioned the elaborate funeral itinerary for the executed Drug Mule. Under the revise penal code; executed felons are not allowed to pompous funeral and should be interred immediately. Regional Prosecutor Rommel Baligod said the law aims the prevent the cadaver for being used as a rallying point or make martyrs out of the dead at the detriment of the country's interest.

Representatives of the DSWD looking after Sally's orphans

However Baligod and former Justice secretary Silvestre Bello III said that the law does not apply to the executed drug mule who was convicted and executed outside the Philippines.
On the other hand, Sally's father and brother, Jason maintains her innocence in the drug trafficking case stating “Sally is a victim of the circumstance.”


  1. Thank you Raymund for posting this. I wished I had been in the country and could go to the wake and pay my respects but unfortunately I am not. I agree with all you've posted. I think she was tricked unwittingly into this which makes it all the more tragic. Whether you know it or not if your caught with drugs your going to have to accept the consequences for it but I don't believe she deserved death for this. China may have thought they were sending a message but history shows it won't be a deterrent as many will risk all when they already have so little. This did not have to be. I can't even imagine the pain the family is feeling. But I can say..Sally will not be forgotten.