Thursday, April 14, 2011


BARANGAY TUPAX, Jones, Isabela- The family of Sally Ordinario Villanueva has been emotionally shaken the past months and this trouble comes into conclusion as they bid her goodbye on her interment Thursday in this remote quiet mountain town.

Hilarion with his kids, getting condoled by relatives, neighbors and friends

As this developed Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero said he would vouch for the probe of authorities of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) for complicity with the International Drug Ring that implicated Sally and two other Filipinos rather that putting the blame solely on their alleged “handlers”.

Senator Chiz Escudero hits Ninoy Aquino International Airport Authorities for complicity with the International Drug Trade Syndicate: had the airport officials done their job, Sally and three others could have been arrested here

Sally's remains earlier spent two nights in their conjugal home in Habitat Homes in the adjacent Echague town. The emotional travail is tough for her family, especially to her children ages 12 and 10. Although shrouded with sorrow the children appeared steadfast on her final moments before she was interred at the Tupax Barrio cemetery.

Sally's eldest dedicates a song to her on the last night of her wake in Barangay Tupax. Princess Joy remained steadfast and learned to be strong now that her mother's gone

Jones Councilor Elmer Juan said the Children's father Hilarion wanted his offspring to live quietly in the Villanueva family's ancestral house here. Juan, a cousin of Hilarion said the latter was badly moved since his wife was figured in the China drug bust more than three years ago. Sally was arrested in Xiamen on Christmas eve for possessing four kilos of heroine that eventually led to her conviction and execution last month.

Neighbors, friends, relatives on Sally's last night

Juan said Hilarion only wanted to protect his children from censure in the community, hence their transfer to this isolated rugged Barangay since Sally's detention in 2008.

One of the Police security deployed by the Philippine National Police on Sally's wake

Despite this, Princess Joy said she remains proud of her mother who have tried to sacrifice herself to help their father rear them amid their impoverished living. “She is the best mother one can ever have, she always thinks of our condition in life. She doesn't want us to feel the hardship,” say Princes Joy. The eldest of two; Princess Joy during the necrological services has moved her Barriomates in her emotional response to the community's assistance helping them cope with the hard times that has befallen the family.

A relative creates a heralding sound by blowing a carabao's horn, a belief in Tupax to drive away evil spirits while Sally's casket is being brought out from the house

Councilor Juan said if the accusations against Sally of being a sinister Drug Trafficker were true; their family could have been living in a posh lifestyle. Hilarion, an irregular bus driver, could hardly pay the amortization of their loan-acquired housing unit in Echague the councilor added.
Sally's fate has drawn the media from her condemnation, execution and internment no matter how remote her place is

Sally's younger sister Mylene with a white headband of mourning

From the town proper of Jones, the 28-seater conveyance which is actually a 4BA1-engined forward truck embodied in an large ordinary jeepney will not leave until its roof is filled with passengers. Moreover, it has to travel over five kilometers of rugged uphill, downhill and winding dusty terrain in the foothills of the Sierra Madres. The last trip of these kind of conveyances to barangay Tupax is up to 5:00 in the afternoon only.

The rugged graveled road to the remote and isolated mountain Barangay of Tupax

In this remote place where Hilarion wanted Princess Joy to stay in the next four years with her brother Lexbert . A community High School is located not far from the adjacent Municipality of Aglipay in Quirino Province. Princess Joy graduated elementary salututorian here last April 6.

Sally's Granny with her wooden "Cobra" cane

Although they acknowledge the promise of “scholarships” from some government agencies and politicians; the offers did not seem an exclusive opportunity to the family knowing that public elementary and high school education are free.

Hilarion: "Kids, Bid your Mom Goodbye"

Councilor Juan said what the family would prefer is a regular job for Hilarion to support his orphaned children at the moment.
Meanwhile even as Sally's younger brother Jayson disclosed the slated preliminary investigation of alleged recruiter Tita Cacayan on April 18; Senator Escudero wants key officials of the NAIA be investigated for their apparent collusion with departing drug mules in the country's premier airport.

Sally's brother Jayson tells TV Journalist Kaye Imson of TV 5 "We'll gonna pin Sally's recruiter- Tita Cacayan

Drug mules could not have been arrested in China had authorities of the NAIA are doing their job the Senator said. Escudero cited that NAIA's state of the Art detecting machines coupled with highly trained sniffing dogs are useless as long as Airport officials are in cahoots with the drug syndicate.
Escudero who was a graduation exercises speaker at the Isabela State University in Cauayan City disclosed President Benigno Aquino III is seriously considering a revamp in the NAIA because of the incident.


  1. Well done article Raymund. Thank you for doing this. I wish that Sally may rest in peace. She will not be forgotten.